Epic Shoreline – World’s Largest Screenshot

[367K] (50gp)
This is a nearly 50 billion pixel screenshot of The Witness. Special thanks to Zotac for supplying extremely fast scratch drives, and Ansel; Nvidia’s imaging tool that can capture game screenshots in gigapixel chunks.

After editing the tiles as best I could, I spent a week trying to figure out the best way to stitch this thing together, without using a Fujitsu Supercomputer.

Fun Facts: This 367200×130560 screenshot of The Witness requires 6000x 4K screens to display in full. It has more pixels than some of the world’s largest photos from a few years back. Its resolution is higher than Marburg 47gp (2010), Dubai 45gp (2010), and Swiss Alps 31gp (2010). Stay tuned as Gigapixel Gaming screenshots get even larger, and start surpassing more of these kinds of images

Update: This image got featured on IGN – Full Article

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